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Both employers and employees need employment law services.

For the Employers

Employment Contracts - All employers need an employment contract to employ a permanent employee. Legal services are available to draft, write and finalise employment contracts. These contracts specify a variety of things related to the employment of a person or company. The contract specifies service agreements, salary, benefits, rights and responsibilities. It helps avoid most of the conflicts between the employer and employee.

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Discrimination - Business owners have to comply with the UK workplace discrimination laws. It is their duty to protect the rights of employees they employ. They have to ensure there is no discrimination at their workplace. There should be no discrimination in the selection process. An employer needs legal help when an employee alleges discrimination in the promotion, salary, benefits, or any other thing related to the employment, job or workplace.

Workplace Disputes - Conflicts arise between the employer and employee due to various issues. Many workplace disputes can be handled by an internal team but sometimes help of a legal expert specialising in the employment laws is needed. An authoritative third party expert commands respect of both disputing parties and can help arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.

Tribunal Representation - An employer needs services of a legal expert if a dispute goes to the employment tribunal. Good preparation is needed before going to the tribunal.

There are many other issues for which the employers need support of employment laws experts.

For the Employees

Breach of Contract - Sometimes employers do not follow the rules of employment contracts. An employee is dismissed unfairly or forced to resign. Affected person should consult an employment law expert immediately.

Discrimination at the Workplace - Workplace discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender and some other reasons is illegal. It is important for the affected employee to consult an employment law expert immediately because this type of case involves collecting the evidence and preparing the legal groundwork.

Workplace Harassment - It is different from the workplace discrimination. An employee can be harassed by the employer or by another employee. The harassment could be by one or many persons. It may be a one-off incident or frequent occurrence. Bullying is prevalent even at workplaces. This type of harassment causes mental agony, depression and anxiety. The affected employee should seek legal advice to stop this situation.

Family Friendly Rights - Employees are entitled to certain family friendly rights at their workplace. It is related to the paternity leave, maternity leave, shared parental leave, adoption leave, flexible working hours, and parental rights. They should seek legal support services if they are denied these rights at their workplace.

Both employees and employers need services of specialist employment solicitors for many other issues as well. Effective, competent and timely legal steps are needed to protect the rights. It helps avoid escalating the conflict further. Employment laws experts offer competent legal advice and opinions. They help both parties arrive at an amicable solution. Negotiation is an important part of such disputes. It is better to let legal experts from both sides negotiate on behalf of their clients. It helps solve the dispute quickly and easily. The dispute enters the employment tribunal and court if the negotiation fails.